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Welcome to Flying Colors

Coaching & Consulting


A unique and refreshing approach to Coaching & Consulting that takes clients to new heights, professionally and personally.

“I learned amongst many invaluable things, how to be the best leader I could be, and am today. Through Jean’s coaching, I was able to understand myself, my team, and my working environment. I learned how to truly listen. I now see change as something that is constant, natural, and neutral. I realized that “work” and “life” are not about balance, but instead, about congruence and harmony.”


Raymond F.

Univision Communications, Inc.




Career Transformation Coaching

Have you come to a career crossroads and are struggling to figure out which direction you should go next?  You want a career you enjoy but are feeling uncertain and struggling to figure it out.

The Career Transformation Coaching program points in a completely new direction that helps you discover what you want and how to begin creating it.

We’ll engage in a series of conversations that helps you experience clarity, creative new ideas and discover the next steps toward a new career and life you desire.

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Executives & Leaders

Today’s business climate requires that Executives and Leaders operate and perform in environments that are in states of rapid change, uncertainty and transition. In the Leadership program, we focus on the fundamental dynamics behind effective Leadership.

As leaders begin to fully understand the implications of these dynamics the outcome is an improvement of the key leadership capabilities of influence, effectiveness, accountability, and adaptability.

The program for Executives and Leaders generates high performance, engagement, creativity and innovation—regardless of the circumstances of the organization or industry.

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The coaching program for teams sheds light upon the fundamental dynamics of high performance, camaraderie and engagement. As teams begin to fully understand these dynamics, and their implications on work and performance, the natural result is an improvement of team engagement, interpersonal relationships, skills, competency, and resilience.

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Small Group Retreats

Retreats that engage you in a whole new way of experiencing life.

As a group of 8 to 10 people we’ll engage in the heart of the transformative conversation. Participating in a group allows you to experience the learning of other participants in real-time and aids our own learning as well. With the focus off of you and your situation, the opportunity for clarity and personal insight increases.

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Workshops & Seminars

Customized Workshops & Seminars can be delivered for your group or organization. Contact us.
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“When I first started working with Jean, I thought the coaching would focus only on my career. What I quickly realized, and found most valuable, is that her coaching takes into account the whole person – work and life. In the time that she has worked with me, I have realized incredible personal and professional growth.”    


Lara M.

Senior Vice President


Flying Colors is a boutique professional services consultancy founded by Jean Lemmey.

Jean is a certified professional career and transformative leadership coach. Her unique approach allows her clients to tap into their essence, wisdom and vision. Jean inspires clients to move from confusion to clarity and from feeling stuck and out of balance to being fully engaged in their life and work. From Reebok to Random House, Hasbro to HIT Entertainment-Jean has led world-renowned brands to remarkable success. In 2005, she began doing the same for individuals, business leaders and organizations. Jean utilizes her years of experience for high profile organizations to optimize her work.

Jean is on top of her game and helped me keep on top of mine. I have enjoyed and benefited from her creative insight and her ability to keep me focused despite my busy schedule and conflicting interests. Recommend highly.

James R.

Trust and Estates Attorney

 Client Endorsements

 “Jean’s coaching helped me to overcome my fear of taking risks be they “big or small”. I now have fewer reservations about reaching for my goals. I learned new ways to approach decision making.”

Evan S.

IT Leader

At my invitation Jean led a workshop for the Producers Guild of America East to help members develop their leadership potential. Jean believes that everyone has the potential to be a leader and she helps everyone rise to that expectation. Her intuitive intelligence and ability to think on her feet allows her to deliver quick, spot-on insights about one’s strengths, values and opportunities. It was clear in that short time that Jean cares deeply about her work and that she is fearless in her commitment to help others feel more alive in all areas of their lives.

Nancy G. EdD

Adult Learning Specialist

Jean is a world class coach and consultant. I have enlisted her services to manage through re-organization, downsizing, team coaching, career development and risk management. I have also recommended Jean to others who have realized success as a result of her consultancy.  Jean applies metrics, brand and marketing strategies in her coaching. That is her unique differentiating proposition.

Ruth G.

Executive Vice President

“I worked with Jean for four months on a weekly basis during a time of change in my organization. In such a short time she helped me to successfully manage several challenges. She showed me how to look at issues from a different perspective, how to become more useful to my department and others, and how to better understand my company and my colleagues. Working with her was an eye-opening experience on so many levels. She definitely had a profound impact in my career. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to advance professionally.”

Rafael C.

VP Digital Content

Everyone should work with Jean it would make this world a much more enjoyable place.


I’ve had leadership training and coaching before but none compare to Jean Lemmey’s method. She tailored our discussions to my specific needs and would address topics as they came up. This was most helpful in being able to take better action in both my work & personal life.

As we progressed in our coaching relationship I noticed an increased confidence as well as being able to handle, what seemed at the time, like difficult situations with ease. Both my peers and senior leadership noticed the change. Praise has included noticing an overall confidence to liking my tone, maturity and approachability even when dealt a difficult hand.

I would surprise myself in working with Jean in seeing that in growing in my professional career and working with others it really is simple and that everything I need to succeed really is within.

Jen W.


“WOW!  The teaching and your coaching have helped me feel more relaxed and more calm about where I am going in life. Thank you for being a part of my journey. It is truly great working with you.  I am happy that I am slowly but surely creating LESS stress in my life.

Working with Jean has been a wonderful experience. I came to her seeking career guidance and her help has really given me a 360 degree look at all areas in my life. Every time I end a conversation with her, whether it be in person, through video chat, or through emails, I leave feeling “light” and “enlightened”. It is interesting really. Jean’s approach to tackling an issue really simplifies matters and puts things into a clearer perspective. I have found something in me after meeting her, and it feels great!! I look forward to our continued work together in the future.”

Jo-Ann C.

Nuclear Medicine PET/CT Technologist, Memorial Sloan Kettering, MBA Mangerial Analytics Candidate,

“You gave me such a gift in our virtual coaching session together.  I had become lost in the fog and last night it cleared. I slept well and today is fresh and different, yet the same.”

Anni P.

Executive Director, Head Teacher Leadership Services,

I highly recommend Jean Lemmey to anyone who is serious about moving forward with their career or small business. Prior to working with Jean, I was hard at work, always in action, but not getting the results I desired. I really appreciated her ability to connect on a personal level and go deep, enabling me to create an offering that is truly ‘me.’ As a result of working with her, I feel much more at ease and am attracting high quality clients while doing only a fraction of the work. I would definitely work with Jean again.

Ameet M.

Director of E-Commerce

I would recommend Jean for one on one personal consultation as well as for a larger organization.  She provides an invaluable service!

Having worked with Jean at a previous company I immediately reached out to her when I felt that I needed an introspective  on my career.  I had no idea that I was opening a door to insight that would affect my life 360 degrees.  I’ve literally had a complete paradigm shift on my perception of work, family, life.  And – most importantly – I’ve become much more in tune with myself and how I relate to others.

Patricia Mercer

Director of Licensing, The Licensing Company

Before working with Jean I was not in a great place. I had recently been through a relationship breakup that was gripping and having an effect on me daily.

Shortly after my coaching experience with Jean, I gave a big presentation at work that received a big thumbs-up from the General Manager and several colleagues complimented me on my calm yet engaging way of presenting.

My coaching intensive and the follow up sessions with Jean definitely played a role in how I’m now showing up at work and in life. It has had a tremendous impact on how I’m handling the negative feelings when they do show up. I’m not only hopeful, but also excited and feel re-engaged.

Jean had my heart and best interest in mind. That feeling of trust for me was paramount.

Lisa C.

Director of Communications

I first hired Jean to help me with a specific work situation, but she didn’t stop there! Jean looked at “the whole picture” to see what other areas of my life aren’t as rewarding as I’d like them to be and she helped me address them. She really raised my awareness of how I can get in my own way. She has an amazing ability to help you understand and see things in a different way. Jean is passionate about what she does and is committed to helping her clients create more fulfilling lives.

Nicole P.

Vice President

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